The Show


BolognaFiere's exhibition platform dedicated to water and gas - with ACCADUEO and CH4 - has been further enriched thanks to the agreement recently signed with Mirumir and In Fieri, with the organization of four other exhibition-conferences : ConferenzaGNL, HESE, Dronitaly and Fuels Mobility.



Emilia-Romagna and Bologna in particular, due to their special attention to environmental issues and efforts to manage the process of ecological and digital transition, are the perfect location for an even broader and more integrated approach on all the aspects concerning water and energy.






HESE - HYDROGEN ENERGY SUMMIT&EXPO is a project stemming from an idea of In Fieri and Mirumir, to focus on all the aspects of the supply chain as to future uses of hydrogen.


An exhibit where to illustrate the development of technologies as to the production , transport and storage of hydrogen .

Three days of debates and conferences, technical seminars and workshops during which Italian and international experts, public and private decision-makers and representatives of industry and science will discuss the market scenarios and the development of research and technologies.

An unmissable opportunity to give rise to profitable business relationships with operators active in the mobility, industrial and residential sectors which will become soon large users of this energy source.







The International Conference & Expo ConferenzaGNL is an initiative promoted and organized by Mirumir, aiming at fostering the small-scale LNG supply chain.


Three days of debates, conferences and workshops. European and Italian institutions, associations, companies and experts will discuss about the use of LNG for maritime and heavy land transport and for isolated industries and networks in Italy and in the Mediterranean. An Exhibit will be dedicated to the promotion of solutions and technologies as well as business opportunities and to illustrate the latest industry trends.







Dronitaly is the main event in Italy for civil drones for professional use. It was launched in 2014 and since then has been carefully highligting the developments of the sector as for innovation and new regulations in force.


Dronitaly 2021 is the meeting point for stakeholders and potential users and a chance to discuss the most current and urgent issues, referred to the increasingly widespread use of drones in network management and environmental monitoring. Therefore professionals of the sector, both manufacturers and visitors will have the extraordinary opportunity to show and have access to quite interesting projects.




Fuels Mobility, the Service Station of the Future



Fuels Mobility is the exhibition-conference dedicated to service stations (over 24,000 in Italy) and their transformation referring to the most modern energy vectors (LNG, hydrogen, electricity, methane); an evolution that is allowing them to change from petrol stations to multi-energy and multi-service retailers so as to meet customers' new requirements for sustainable mobility and wth a new approach, smart, active and closely linked to the consumers themselves.



Fuels Mobility also looks at the emerging sector of electric mobility. The number of recharging stations is, in fact, constantly growing in Italy, in line with what is happening in Europe, thanks to the gradual implementation of the National Plan dedicated to electric mobility that aims to create widespread and efficient recharging infrastructures throughout Italy, from North to South, including the islands.



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